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Best Free Offline Android Games Without Internet : Farming Games

There are many offline games, which are popular and which do not require any internet for playing. You do not have require internet to play games, so there is no problem for playing. We will discuss with you best free offline android games in this post; this games usually farming games, the best graphics offline farming games. Hope you enjoy the game and you can easily play it freely without any hassle. Offline games can be enjoyed by played at anytime, anywhere, without internet. Now let’s discuss about top list farming offline games.


Gardenscapes game Playrix games company’s offline farming game. First time some files need download from online for playing; After downloading files, it can be easily played without any hassle. This game is not totally farming game, it no need to be sell any vegetables and farming products; but this game looks like farming game. There are many levels; if you complete any levels, then some unlock places opens for play.

Every places level are very nice; and sometimes you can play on internet, many people participate in this competition, you can participate in this competition occasionally. Contestants are given some games coins and rewards, which are rank top 1 – 10 only. There are also many leagues to participate in this online contest, prizes are high in major leagues and competition also increases.

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The Homescapes are to the same Playrix company’s games, it similar with Gardenscapes. The files of this game are also need download from online, but some systems are different than the Gardenscapes. Homescapes level are only to decorate home furniture, this game is also one of the best free offline android games. You can play this game without the least cold thought and no head heating, just a little bit of intelligence to finish the level of the game.

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Big Little Farmer

Big Little Farmer game is a totally free offline game, that does not have to be download any file from online. From the beginning everything goes play offline without any hassle; this game is a farming game. Farming is to sell anything by farming, there are many types of farming systems and there are many ways to sell. You can take unlimited free coins and gems by mod version game. By these coins and gems you can buy lot of farming products.

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