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Best places in Bangladesh to visit | Top 5 Best Places For Travel

There are many beautiful places for travel in Bangladesh. The spectacular spots are beautiful. This post is related to best places in Bangladesh to visit; top 5 best places for travel. Bangladesh is charming in mountains, rivers, etc.

Each district has innumerable travel spaces, which can easily travel on ground way or by the way of the boat. When you visit all places then you will understand how beautiful Bangladesh. Let’s know about the top five places.

Best places in Bangladesh to visit | Top 5 Best Places For Travel

Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar is the world’s largest longest beauty beach. This beach is spread over the beautiful blue water side. Every year there are lot of tourists come for see this sea beach. Cox’s Bazar is located in the southeast region of Bangladesh. Which is the length of 120 kilometers. This beach is more attractive Kutubdia, Matar Barhi, Masheshkhali, Sonadia and St. Martin. Chittagong division part is Cox’s Bazar. Snails, mussels, silica-rich sand and many species of sea fish is favorite for tourists. The sunset is very nice. It seems that the sun is drowning under water. Therefore, Cox’s Bazar beach is a favorite place for tourists.

St. Martin

The only coral island is St. Martin in Bangladesh. Which is one of the world’s beautiful island. You have to go with another way like boats, trawlers, speeds boats and ships. Before going to this island have to go Teknaf of Cox’s Bazar district, from here to go to that island. There are lots of sweet green coconut available here. Besides, there are mussels, snails and many species of fish. This condition is in the northeast of the Bay of Bengal. It is an amazing beauty favorite tourism area for tourists.


Rangamati is one of the districts of Bangladesh, which is very beautiful district. It is very beautiful with hill side area and river lake. There are lots of places to travel like Shuvalong jhorna, Julanta bridge, DC banglu, Paul Park, Sajek, Kaptai Lake, Kaptai Navy Camp etc. The Karnafuli river is gone in the middle of Rangamati district. Which together formed Kaptai Lake. Rangamati has become more beautiful for this Kaptai Lake. Rangamati district is the largest district of Bangladesh. These places can be easily traveled on the river way or in the ground way. There are different Indigenous peoples live in this district. This is an old district of Bangladesh. Chittagong Hill Tracts middle capital is Rangamati. There are many things to know and to visit in this district. This district is a favorite place for tourists.

Best places in Bangladesh to visit | Top 5 Best Places For Travel


Bandarban is one of the districts in the hill districts of Bangladesh. It is a very beautiful travel place. Those who travel, they can only understand how beautiful the Bandarban is. There are some beautiful travel place Nilgiri, Nilachal, Meghla, Golden Temple etc. The longest hill of Bangladesh is in Bandarban. From these hills the beautiful scenery of the sky and the clouds can be seen. Those who want to see beautiful mountain areas of Bangladesh, you can travel there.


Sylhet is one of the major tourist districts of Bangladesh. The largest tea garden in Bangladesh is in this district. Sylhet is very popular for this tea garden. It is also a mountainous area, which is spread over numerous small mountains. There are forests, rivers, haor, traditional culture and so on. Sylhet is one of the most attractive places among South Asia’s top attractions. Jaflong is a famous place in Bangladesh, as Bedanakandi divine bed and fairy goddess. Bangladesh tea is produced from the largest tea garden in Sylhet. Those who want to see these beautiful places of Sylhet, they will definitely travel.

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