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Biggest animal in the world ever recorded and proved

There are various species of animals in this beautiful world that some animals are small which are not seen in the eyes and some animals have seen from long distances which are more big. This post about biggest animal in the world ever recorded and proved. Now we will know about the big animals in the world that animals are larger than other animals.

Blue Whale

The blue whale (Marine Mammal) is the largest animal because of 29.9 metres (98 ft) length and weight 173 tonnes maximum recorded. Blue whale’s body is blue and grey of various shades, slender and long. North Atlantic, North Pacific, Southern Ocean of the intermedia, South Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean the blue whales has found. Previously there were a lot of blue whales, but they are now far less than that.


Elephants are world’s largest land animals and one of the biggest animals looking most unique. Physique is not similar with another animals; long noses, ears, legs and many of different. Elephants has few species, there are some characteristics different; Asian elephants and African elephants two species. They are intelligent species, because of they shows up advanced problem solving skills.


The giraffe is the world’s longest throat prominent African mammals ‍animals. Long neck and legs, distinctive coat patterns and horn like ossicones the giraffe’s chief characteristics. Giraffes favorite food source is leaves, flowers, fruits and primarily acacia species. Giraffe has gotten the place for unique appearance; like books, paintings, cartoons, both ancient and modern, more cultures.

Brown Bear

World’s one of the biggest and largest bear species is the brown bear. The brown bear generally resemble with black bear but they are larger. North America and northern Eurasia across much of seen the brown bear. In many European countries the brown bears are recognized as state and national animals. Brown bears size generally length is 6 to 9 feet long and weight 400 to 1200 pounds.

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