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Privacy Policy

Who we are?

If you want to know about us, click About Us link; You will know, generally what types of posts we share.

Why we collect data and what personal data collect?

Information from the comments

If any visitor comments in the comments box, we collect information from here; we collect visitor’s IP address and browser information for spam detection. From these information we can able to know why enter our website. We do not use any visitor information for any other purpose and we try to keep every visitor’s information secure. For example – information like your name, email, mobile number and personal address.

Information from email contact

If visitor’s communicates with us by email via Contact Us page, we collect information from emails. From these email information we can able to know, why the visitors email us and if they do any question we can answer that question very easily via email.


If you comment on our site, you can save your information in cookies. You do not have to give information for later comments, it will be good for you. Your information in this cookies will be stored for one year.

How long will we save your information?

If you do any comment on our site, the information you give will remain indefinitely. In that case, other visitors will know something from here and will benefit from the comments given by you.

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