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Top Best Football Team In The World | Football Club Rankings

Today we know about 5 football clubs in the world at present. The football clubs that are in the top 5 of the list of other football clubs in the world. These clubs in the world, one club behind the other, have made it to the top one list. Let’s know which 5 clubs are in the top list.

Liverpool FC
Liverpool Football Club is a top list football club in Liverpool, England. Which is currently in the list of top one in the world with 2080 points. The club competes in the top tier Premier League of English football. The club has many record of winning cups. Six European Cups, eighteen League titles, fifteen FA Community Shields Cups, eight League Cups, seven FA Cups, one Football League Super Cup, three UEFA Super Cups and three UEFA Cups has won this clup.

Manchester City
Manchester City Football Club is an English football club based in Manchester. The club was founded in the 1880 by St. Mark’s (West Gorton). Ardwick Association Football Club in the 1887 and the changed to Manchester City Club in the 1894. At present, it is at number two in the world with 2028 points.

FC Barcelona

Barcelona Football Club is a club located in Barcelona, ​​Spain. The club is gaining reputation at present, becouse of many big football stars has in this club. This club many football leagues have won cups. Currently the club is in the top 3 list with 2017 points.

Bayern Munchen
Bayern Munchen Football Club is a club located in Bavaria Munich, Germany. This club was founded in 1900 by 11 football players. It is currently ranked number 4 in the world.

Ajax Amsterdam
Ajax Amsterdam Football Club is the most successful club in the Netherlands. The club has gained a reputation since its founding in 1956. The club has been ranked in the top 5 by winning many league cups. Currently the club’s points are 1886.

Top Best Football Team In The World | Football Club Rankings

World Rank Club Name Points
1 Liverpool FC 2080
2 Manchester City 2028
3 FC Barcelona 2017
4 Bayern Munchen 1945
5 Ajax Amsterdam 1886

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